Dental implants are dental fixtures that are gaining popularity among many audiences. Dentists are also recommending it to many patients as opposed to other dental fixtures such as partials and dentures. This is because dental implants are convenient permanent fixtures that provide you with an all natural look. Dental implants are artificial titanium roots that are placed in the gum around the jawbone. They are used by dentists’ to mount new teeth in the area that is missing.

If a person has a missing tooth, they need a replacement that can only be made when a dental implant is placed in the gum. You can get a dental implant if you are experiencing teeth problems such as gum cavity, loss of jawbone volume, gum diseases or tooth loss.

Tooth loss is the major reason for getting dental implants. This means that you have a gap in your mouth that needs to be filled. Failure to fill this gap can lead to other adverse effects such as adjacent teeth overgrowing into that region, painful gums, misaligned biting and the loss in volume in the jawbone. It is therefore important to get dental implants to avoid these issues. The following are some of the instances in which you may need dental implants.

Missing teeth

If you have a tooth or more missing, it is important to get dental implants. A missing tooth can be caused by various reasons that leave you with a gap. This gap needs to be filled in by a tooth which can only be done once you get a dental implant. Leaving the gap as it is, is not advisable because the adjacent teeth can overgrow into it. Also, you may experience misaligned biting which will cause sore gums.

Broken teeth

Dental implants are good at maintaining the structure and functionality of a tooth. A broken tooth may mean that this structure is affected and your teeth will not functional normally. However getting dental implants will allow for the structure to be restored by replacing the broken tooth with a new functional tooth.

Sore Gums

Dental implants are a great way to eliminate dental pain that may be caused by misaligned biting because of missing teeth. When you have sore gums get dental implants that will maintain the root structure of the gum and get rid of the pain. This way, your replacement teeth can function normally and provide the gum with structure for biting and chewing.

Loss of jawbone volume

One effect of having a missing tooth is that the volume of the jawbone reduces with time. The reason for this is because there is no activity of biting and chewing in that area which causes the jawbone volume to shrink. When one loses the jawbone volume area getting it back is difficult even with the current technology used by dentists. It is better to get dental implants as soon as possible to ensure that you do not lose this volume. This is because dental implants will stimulate the growth of the gums and restore and maintain its volume.

Dentures and partials

Partials and dentures are quickly becoming outdated as dental fixtures. This is because these two become lose from time to time and are not as natural as dental implants. If you have dentures and partials that keep falling off and are a constant disappointment it is high time that you get dental implants installed.


People with the above dental conditions can get dental implants conveniently. You can visit your dentist and now the next step when it comes to getting dental fixtures.