Cosmetic dentistry has taken a new turn on the matters of the restoration of the dental practice. The teeth appearance and the health care of all ages has been the central issue of concern. There rea several cosmetics that have introduced into the market with their procedures. The step aims to boost the level of teeth appearance and maintains its standards. The dentistry industry has created the idea of reducing the severity of caries, and other periodontal and the move has increased the protection of the teeth and its natural nature. White teeth have always been associated with beauty and health, and this has shoved many people to desire. The concept has made the experts come up with the right techniques that allow the patients to achieve their goals of restoring the natural colour of the teeth. The tooth bleaching techniques have been carriers out successfully and a higher rate in the society.

The patients have the option of carrying out the tooth bleaching either in their office or at home. Vital tooth bleaching in the office has been taking place for many years. The method that is applied in this is rapid, but it is a bit time consuming on the side of the dentist. The degree at which the tooth whitening is achieved is less as compared to that of the home.

The whitening strip system has been used by most of the population in the community. Through the research conducted, approximately 6.5 percent of the hydrogen peroxide strips for whitening is usually used in every three weeks. The professional that are using the hydrogen peroxide in the tooth whitening is one of the examples in the esthetic industry. Some of the most used agents for the whitening strips are the hydrogen peroxide and the carbamide peroxide. Some of the professional have even gone an extra mile in combining the two to effect their final results of the tooth whitening. The technique that is used in the whitening strips has been available ever since the introduction of the “nightguard” trays.

The professionals that handle the matters of the tooth whitening strips at home came up with the idea in the year 2002. According to this method, the gel of the hydrogen peroxide that is applied to the surface of the anterior dentition is about 6.5 percent. This runs for 21 days by the use of the flexible strip. The advantage that is associated with this is that it is easy to use. The strip is can also adapt easily to the teeth. The time of initiation the treatment is during the time of diagnosis by the use of the uniform and the pre-dispensed strip. The method has gained popularity in the community is the sense that it is easy to apply and the final results are excellent. The other advantage about the use of the strips is that they are portable and they can be disposed at any time.

Many people in society have lauded the dedication that has been seen in the dentistry industry in the aim of restoring the colour of the natural teeth. The efficacy and the colour change has to be of a certain standard. This gives the reason why the procedures of using the tooth whitening trips have to be handled by the qualified dentist. On the other hand, polyethylene strips are used in the delivery of the bleaching peroxide. The caution that should be taken is to avoid direct contact with the teeth in the sense that it may reduce the peroxide dose that is applied to the anterior surface of the teeth.