Dental implants have become a popular dental procedure in the past years. Many dental patients are now opting to get dental implants instead of traditional dentures and partials. This is because dental implants have many positive benefits, unlike dentures and partials. Apart from giving you an all-natural look, they allow teeth to function normally and promote growth as well. Dental implants are artificial roots that are made from titanium, and they are placed below the gum at the jawbone area.

Once they are placed a dentist can mount a replacement tooth on it. If you have any tooth fractures such as broken teeth, missing tooth or sore gums, dental implants are effective in getting rid of these ailments. Dental implants maintain the jawbone volume that may have been lost if you failed to get them and they also maintain the overall tooth structure. Dental insurance companies have different policies covering dental procedures.

The policies that are made in dental insurance companies follow strict guidelines. Some of these guidelines include the type of dental operation, how it was caused, its cost and how important it is. If all the guidelines are in compliance with the company’s policy, you will be able to receive your dental cover. Before getting a dental procedure, it is essential to check the policies of your dental insurance company to know whether you can be covered or not. Unfortunately many insurance companies if not all do not cover dental implants in their insurance.

There are very few dental insurance companies that cover this procedure and even if they do they cover a small percentage of it. The insurance companies view dental implants to be an unnecessary procedure that one can do away with. The insurance companies categorize under cosmetic procedures which are hardly covered by any insurance company.

The reason for categorizing dental implants as a cosmetic procedure is because it enhances one’s appearance. For instance, if you have a missing tooth your smile is greatly affected, and you may shy away from it. However, when you receive dental implants, you can smile once again. This shows that it is not a medical emergency. Insurance companies also do not cover dental implants because they are expensive. Insurance companies are like any other business that wants to make a profit and stay afloat. If they were to pay for costly procedures they may run the risk of having a deficit and even end up bankrupt.

Therefore it is not worth it to many insurance companies. If you decide to pay for dental implants using your finances, it can cause financial strain. One option is to save enough before going for the procedure.

Luckily some insurance agencies are beginning to understand the urgency of dental implants. Apart from it providing one with an exceptional smile, they prevent a lot of dental difficulties. For instance, they ensure you do not get misaligned biting and that your other teeth do not overgrow. They maintain the jawbone volume which is essential in tooth structure. Once the jawbone volume is lost getting it back is next to impossible. There are a few insurance companies that are beginning to add dental implants into their coverage. However, they do not pay for all the costs but rather part of it.

Also, getting that small percentage that they cover is difficult because there are a lot of policies that you need to adhere to. Ultimately, dental insurance companies need to start including dental implants in their coverage because it is an important procedure. It is correct to say that dental procedures are medical emergencies.