In our homes or places of work, the unexpected can always happen and a medical emergency for that matter. A considerable number of individuals experience dental emergencies when at school, home, and even in their places of work. There have been multiple questions most of which focus on whether you need to call 911 when you are experiencing a medical emergency. It is always hard to know how to react to such situations. Pain, anguish, panic, and confusion can cause your judgment to be clogged, and you might find yourself making the wrong decision.

It is the American culture to call for 911 when there is an emergency, and dental emergency is a severe health problem that warrants immediate care. Therefore, you need to call 911 so that you can get immediate medical attention. People might argue that local sheriffs are not dental experts and they may fail to address your dental emergency because they lack the necessary knowledge. This argument could be true. However, you should not call 911 expecting to get medical attention. Police will only help you with an ambulance that can facilitate your transport to the medical facility.

Knocked Out Tooth

However, calling 911 should only be reserved for extreme cases of dental emergencies. Some of the dental emergencies that could justify calling 911 include knocked out a tooth. A considerable number of people get injured in the offices or in their daily activities in manual jobs where a tooth is knocked out. This is a dental emergency that requires immediate attention for recovery. You might be bleeding heavily and to avoid this, you need dentists within the shortest time possible. You also need to provide care for the knocked out tooth because it could be used for replacement.

Swollen Gums or Face

Another dental emergency that needs immediate action is swollen gums and face. A considerable number of people experiencing dental problems are likely to show appearances of swelling, especially on their faces and gums. This occurs due to dental infection and is a common occurrence that affects many people. It is necessary and useful to get to your dentist immediately so that you can get the necessary solution. Dental infections have previously proved to be dangerous, which means that you need to get the necessary care immediately.

Jaw Injuries

Jaw injuries could have been caused by another factor, but it is essential to understand that jaws form an important part of the dental structure. If your jaw is injured, there is a possibility that even your teeth will be affected. A weak jaw means week teeth as most of them have their roots planted on the jaw. A swollen jaw could have resulted from a fall or an internal dental infection. You need to call 911 for immediate care so that your jaw injuries can be rectified. An injured jaw can result in substantial dental challenges, especially when it is not observed with much care and attention.

Tooth Chips and Fragments

A considerable number of individuals in the United States, especially the senior citizens are currently experiencing chipped and fragment teeth. This is a dental emergency that is very similar to a knocked out tooth. Tooth chips and fragments need immediate attention failure to which they will result in serious physical injuries. You need to consider emergency attention within a short period so that you can keep the situation under control.

A dental emergency is a severe medical situation that needs an individual to call 911. You might not get the necessary medical attention, but you will get an ambulance to take you to the nearest dental facility for immediate consideration. In some cases, the respondents might provide you with the necessary first aid assistance, which might lower pain levels.